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November Eve Approaches [Oct. 29th, 2010|02:26 am]
 And I don't know what to write.

Perhaps my celebration of the season will be limited to Brenna's do at Je'Bon Wednesday night.  So be it.  There were other nights, other years.  Indeed, I recall an early November evening at Galapagos in Brooklyn, and have a YouTube link to remind me of it.  And Veteran's Day, as we name the end date of the War to End All Wars, which wasn't, will mark a decade.

It is, or rather will be, for us Celts, a new year.

A time for resolutions?  Perhaps, in a sense.  Discernments may be a better term.

I discern that my discovery of Don Colacho may continue to orient and console me in many ways.

I discern that my involvement with Zurvita will take hold and flourish while my other business ventures continue.

I discern that I will need to spend more time on the Internet away from Facebook, which had been my main venue since I got fed up with LiveJournal and Taki stopped publishing me, and that I will need to gather up and edit a body of work for print publication.

In a week's time the political situation will have clarified itself.  Perhaps some of the spiritual poison of the election season will dissipate, at least for another year or so.  Is the Day of the Dead auspicious for voting?  The idea is amusing.


[User Picture]From: ephraemsyrus
2010-10-29 03:25 pm (UTC)
Is the Day of the Dead auspicious for voting? The idea is amusing.

Chesterton would be amused, I think, given his comments in Orthodoxy about tradition being the democracy of the dead.
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[User Picture]From: mizannie
2010-10-29 08:36 pm (UTC)

November Eve

So good to see you here!! I'm hoping more of the
old guard return to LJ.

Hope you've been well.

All Saints and All Souls, and their Eves, Celt or
not is a good time for resolutions, realizing the
difference between finite and eternity...heavy for
me this year with my brother's suicide in June still

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