Frank (arisbe) wrote,

Not Being in Denver

Hell, I didn't even make it to Cambridge weekend before last, and that's more my scene. Cambridge NY, I mean.

Was reading Guy Davenport last night while the Better Half (as they are known) had the DemoCon on in the next room; she turned up the sound for Teddy and Michele. I have to give Ted credit, especially as I can only assume he is making his peace with God as best he knows how. And, disgusting as I have found him, he is certainly a class act compared with the Clintons, and if the Demos return to the spirit of Camelot, it will be all to the good. Bobby at least was a comparatively admirable fellow, and even JFK did some good. My reaction to Michele Obama is pretty much that of Justin Raimondo, so I will let you follow that link to Taki's site.

I feel a lot better about the whole Obama thing now. Though I don't want Biden as president, I really don't.

I was rewarded before I slept by some wonderful Davenport anecdotes of JRR Tolkein. And Thomas Merton, who could, even in his hermitage days, put down a half dozen martinis -- though not at the hermitage, I hasten to add, or with his Roman collar on. What a metabolism! I'm sure holiness helps.
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