Frank (arisbe) wrote,

From White Harlem to Old Byzantium

Spent yesterday afternoon in a comfy chair in reading room next to the old Philosophy Library with Dvornik's history of the Photian schism and Centuries of Meditations, neither of which were on the shelves of the old PL. I am a bit more gruntled about the removal of the philosophy books to a room by the entrance and of the portraits to God knows where -- probably Philosophy Hall.

Wasn't much of a schism as far as I can tell until 1054 revived the more extreme positions. The Pope of Old Rome, who had had problems with the appointment of Patriarch Ignatius, had problems with his forced resignation. Tough. Ignatius had been part, though probably an unknowing part, of a conspiracy to murder the emperor, and was lucky to be allowed to live, even in detention. At least Photius was properly elected, as Ignatius had not been. To be sure, he was a layman at the time, though one who had felt called to the monastic life, and one of the co-consecrating bishops was considered suspended by Rome. Still, Papa Nicholas was willing to forget all that if the Empire was willing to give his Franks control of Bulgaria. Well, the emperor was murdered after all and Ignatius rehabilitated, and Photius took an honorable retirement until Ignatius met his end and he was again properly elected with no complaints from Rome. In between there was of course the Eighth Ecumenical Council. Two of them, one accepted by the Catholics and one by the Orthodox. Each hurling anathemas until the air was thick with them. Which proved very useful to both sides a couple of hundred years later. And to Dr. Rudolph Steiner more recently.

That's what I get from the first third of the book.

To which I reply -- Can't we all just get along?

Evidently not.

Meanwhile I am writing (in my head) a post titled, Professional Integrity is a Luxury: Make Sure You Can Afford It. Based on a painful personal experience. Painful not because I was put to the test, but because somebody else was. He failed. I was punished. And that's the way the world goes.

Meanwhile, I do hope you have visited my business site at

Have a a great Fourth.
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